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Miss Lioness
21 March 2010 @ 10:43 pm
Starting dating an awesome guy!! And that's all I'm going to say for now, don't want to jinx it. :)
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Miss Lioness
06 November 2009 @ 11:41 am
Last night there was a karaoke contest and the winner gets qualified into the big competition with the top prize being $500, YES PLEASE! AND I WON last night and therefor qualified. :) To top it off this older lady came up to me and I guess she's throwing a 50th bday party for a friend and they're having a karaoke contest there as well, and she wanted me to come because I sang so well (insert warm fuzzy feeling here), top prize is $300. She asked if I was interested and mentioned the money and my head was /nodnodnodnodnodnod. The support that I got from the strangers there last night was enough to make me see that although I'll probably never be a rich and famous singer... I'm famous there and rich in quality friends and awesome people that are kind enough to let me know I did well. That makes me happy.

Work is going well. I still love my job as a Game Master and I work with some pretty awesome people. It's an extremely stressful job as I'm doing what I always do and rework everything to make it perfect so I'm taking on a lot of responsibility. I'm hoping this will pay off however as they see that I'm working my ass off, hopefully they'll be more apt to promote me. :) I did get a company award for Best Support, so at least I know they're paying attention. I tested a new FPS game that we might be acquiring that is AMAZING. I keep telling people that my dream is that we get that game and then I get promoted to Senior GM and moved to that game. I want to start it, I want to do it right and show this company what I'm capable of.

Other than that my health is doing well. I seem to still be in remission at the moment and it's been that way for almost two years. Super happy about that. My Dad unfortunately just recently got diagnosed with MS as well. He's in a more advanced stage than I. :( He seems to be handling it well though, doing what I did to handle it which is just to move on with life and not think/worry about it. They keep saying that MS is one of those diseases they're hoping to cure in my lifetime and now that we have stem cell research OK'd that's looking more and more like a possibility. So here's hoping!

That's all for now folks :) Hope everybody out there is doing well!
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Miss Lioness
21 July 2009 @ 07:24 pm
I am so tired of everybody coming to me to complain/bitch/whine/tell stories/whatever but the second I turn around and need somebody to complain/bitch/whine/tell stories/whatever to .... nobody wants to listen. Hell if somebody would just pretend to listen that'd be helpful. People are so selfish it astounds me. I just feel I make myself available to talk to for everybody, even my own family comes to me to talk... and sadly even my own family won't let me talk to them. Everytime I try to talk to any of them it's worse than a brick wall because they turn around and bitch about me venting to them. Everybody needs somebody to talk to, I just didn't know I'd have to pay sombebody to listen to me (or pretend to listen). I know this isn't the most upbeat post ever but hey, the beauty of it is that you don't HAVE to read it. Top this off with the stressful/shitty day I had at work today and I have to wonder how the hell I managed to make it through today.

In other news I went on Vacation to Idaho. There was some good... and some bad/stressful shit that I'm not even about it get into. I will say I had fun and it was nice to see family.
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Miss Lioness
21 June 2009 @ 12:29 pm
yays: I LOVE MY JOB!!! It's so much fun and awesome and I get to work with crazy cool people. This makes me super happy! /does a little dance

nays: I'm not looking for a guy per se, I am however keeping my options open. Lately there seems to be a decreasing number of guys I'm interested in. The worst part is I keep second guessing myself wondering if I'm purposefully counting so many guys out of the running as some sort of subconscious defense system. Or perhaps I'm just doing it to weed out the ones that I don't have patience for and when the right one comes along I will know. I guess in the past I kinda gave a lot of chances to guys and they did me wrong so ... kinda done handing out chance after chance after chance.

wtf: Went to a friends going away party last night and I heard through the grapevine that a friends older brother (who was there also, though I rarely see him out) said I "look like a girl that likes to F**k." Now although this bit of information is true, I'm not quite sure how to take that. Compliment? /shrug Then my friend says that I have "F**k me eyes" and that's why something like that was said. Ok by me. Just kinda a wtf moment.

I tend to go for guys I love to hate, and hate to love. Makes for a rollercoaster of a relationship but at least it's fun and entertaining, I HATE boring! ok off to enjoy my day off.
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Miss Lioness
05 June 2009 @ 11:40 am
ok just as a forewarning I realize I have plenty of time and that my time will come and there's more I want to do before having a baby but I want to vent about it anyway...

I was that girl in high school that everybody thought would settle down and have babies first. Every time I turn around another friend is having a baby. Not only did I not get married first, hell I might end up being LAST to get married but here I am without even so much as a boyfriend (which I almost kind of like). My first love in high school just put up pictures of his SECOND baby. Another high school friend is married and just put up the sonogram pictures of her baby. Another friend of mine who was even questioning whether she would EVER have children just had a baby. wtf? I know it's not my time and bla bla bla but DAMN! Every time I see babies now I get stupid, I watched Juno the other day and balled my flippin eyes out. It's kind of not fair being a woman and having that feeling inside you that you just want a baby, it's STUPID! Especially since my logical side is saying there is SOOO much I still want to do before having babies (lol like get married). Seriously though I know that it's not a good time, I just got a job (finally), I need to get back on my own again, and I want to travel. It also wouldn't hurt if I could find a boyfriend. I KNOW that I will have a baby someday and I KNOW there's so much I want to do beforehand, I just hate being a girl sometimes. Someday I will find a good guy that treats me right, and then we'll get married and have babies... a LONG time from now. Funny thing is I'm thinking in my head NOOOOO BABIES ANYTIME SOON but my biological clock is saying TIME TO HAVE BABIES. And guys wonder why women are crazy.... small wonder when we have so many raging hormones telling us one thing while our brain is saying something completely different. Ok I guess that's enough of a rant for now. :)
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Miss Lioness
04 June 2009 @ 01:18 pm
I got a job!! Not just any job but a job in the gaming industry, which is what I've been trying to get into. After one over the phone interview and three in person interviews they picked ME! This is awesome. :) Just had to share my great news.
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Miss Lioness
14 May 2009 @ 01:00 pm
I hate hurting people and that's exactly what I did. So I talked to Jason over the phone and told him how I felt. He had the reaction I figured he would have. He thought it was a stupid reason to stop seeing somebody (which to him it would be because he doesn't feel as strongly about the topic as I do). I tried to explain to him that it means a lot to me and he didn't get it. Then he starts spouting off things like "well I guess I'll stop bothering you then" and "its cool I was just really starting to like you but have a nice life" and hangs up on me. So maybe it was a good call after all but I still feel like shit for doing it. Suffering is a part of life and this too shall pass I guess.

But WAIT! There's more....
So after I get off the phone with him I get a text from one of my guy friends saying "I have something to tell you but I don't think you want to hear it." o_O Well no time like the present I figured and so I tell him to spill it. He wants to sleep with me. So this comes as kind of a shock but not really cause I was kind of getting that vibe from him and I pretty much felt the same way BUT there's soooo many reasons why it'd be a bad idea. Out of all the guys in my group I've only slept with one. He and I had a friends with benefits relationship and are still good friends. Well the deal with my friends is if you sleep with one it's ok but when you sleep with another it's "friend hopping" and I'd pretty much become more of a "girl" than a "friend," if that makes sense. Plus I could totally see him and I having a good time every now and then but I'm to the point where I'm looking for more than that now. So I told him as much and he totally understood and he said it's no problem he just had to tell me. That's why he's my friend, that's why they all have been my friends for more than ten years. We can be honest with each other and nobody gets all hurt.

So quite an emotional rollercoaster to start the day but at least it's all out there.
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Miss Lioness
14 May 2009 @ 11:34 am
So I met this really nice/good looking/sweet guy named Jason. So far he's been the sweetest guy to me and things between us have been going well. I was waiting to figure out what was wrong with him, I know that sounds silly but he was just too perfect to be true. Well last night I found out and I'm super confused. I was talking to him about how silly it is that Iowa voted to allow same sex marriage but California voted to take that right away from them again. I said that CA should have been the first to make same sex marriage legal and it should never have been overturned and I looked at him cause he was all quiet and I said "right?" Well he doesn't agree, he doesn't think same sex marriage should be legal and furthermore he thinks homosexuality is wrong. *sigh*

I'm a human rights activist. For starters I have a lot of gay loved ones and I don't think their way of life is "wrong." In fact I believe your sexuality is innate and if God made everybody that means s/he made them that way too and to slight Gods work is a slight against God. More important to me though is that I believe NO MATTER WHAT all humans deserve every human right. Marriage is a HUMAN right and nobody should be denied that.

So that left me thinking, is that a deal breaker for me? Could I be with somebody that thinks my friends and loved ones way of life is "wrong?" Could I be with somebody that thinks people should be denied their human rights just because they are gay?? I'm thinking no. He's a nice guy and I don't want to hurt him but when I day dream about the man I'm going to be with forever he at least feels the same way I do about this. It wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't so important to me. *sigh* now I have to tell him how I feel and hope he understands.
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Miss Lioness
30 April 2009 @ 01:34 pm
be the lead singer of a hard rock/metal band. Even if it ends up being a local band, I don't need to be rich and famous (though that would be awesome). I just want to sing and rock out with my band, I want to write lyrics that people hear, instead of just staying in my journal. That would be.... so utterly amazing!!
Miss Lioness
19 March 2009 @ 11:52 am
Well I've been sticking to my new years resolution, I haven't put myself into bad situations with men. So yay for that. I got a new car, actually this happened like a month ago but I just didn't post about it. I got a Nissan Exterra which is an SUV. It's dark green, year 2000. It's the first vehicle I've been proud of, it's in amazing condition, only had one previous owner and I got a smokin hot deal on it. It's so nice to be able to drive people and have them compliment my car instead of me having to make excuses as to why it sucks so bad lol. And I paid it all up front. wooo hoo no car payments! School is going well, I took my philosophy midterm last Monday and I'm waiting to hear how I did. Lola, my little chihuahua, is doing great. I turn 26 in june and she turns 2 in july. I'm almost done with my invisilign. I started almost a year ago wearing the invisilign to straighten my teeth and I'm on my last month so I'm happy about that. So all in all things are going well. Oh!! And I recently started studying Buddhism which is helping a lot in my life. ok well I guess that's all for now. :)
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