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14 May 2009 @ 01:00 pm
wow two posts in one day...  
I hate hurting people and that's exactly what I did. So I talked to Jason over the phone and told him how I felt. He had the reaction I figured he would have. He thought it was a stupid reason to stop seeing somebody (which to him it would be because he doesn't feel as strongly about the topic as I do). I tried to explain to him that it means a lot to me and he didn't get it. Then he starts spouting off things like "well I guess I'll stop bothering you then" and "its cool I was just really starting to like you but have a nice life" and hangs up on me. So maybe it was a good call after all but I still feel like shit for doing it. Suffering is a part of life and this too shall pass I guess.

But WAIT! There's more....
So after I get off the phone with him I get a text from one of my guy friends saying "I have something to tell you but I don't think you want to hear it." o_O Well no time like the present I figured and so I tell him to spill it. He wants to sleep with me. So this comes as kind of a shock but not really cause I was kind of getting that vibe from him and I pretty much felt the same way BUT there's soooo many reasons why it'd be a bad idea. Out of all the guys in my group I've only slept with one. He and I had a friends with benefits relationship and are still good friends. Well the deal with my friends is if you sleep with one it's ok but when you sleep with another it's "friend hopping" and I'd pretty much become more of a "girl" than a "friend," if that makes sense. Plus I could totally see him and I having a good time every now and then but I'm to the point where I'm looking for more than that now. So I told him as much and he totally understood and he said it's no problem he just had to tell me. That's why he's my friend, that's why they all have been my friends for more than ten years. We can be honest with each other and nobody gets all hurt.

So quite an emotional rollercoaster to start the day but at least it's all out there.
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WandringSoulwandringsoul on May 15th, 2009 12:34 pm (UTC)
I think you made a smart decision; while Jason may say it's a 'stupid reason' to stop seeing someone, it isn't. It's a pretty big clash of opinions, and someone as close-minded and blinkered as he obviously is will probably have major hangups about other issues too, and sooner or later one of those issues would end up right in your face with a huge gulf between you. Personally, if someone said to me that they were against womens rights to abortion, or felt that homosexuality was wrong (or even curable as some of the US quacks are now insisting), that would be the end of it. You can only be with someone you respect, and I'd have zero respect for someone trying to restrict the freedoms of others!
Miss Lionessprpledragn on May 15th, 2009 05:32 pm (UTC)
nod nod nod
you always seem to say it so much better than I ever could! :) I'm glad you did though because it's exactly what I was thinking in my head but I kept having doubts and it's nice to have somebody tell me exactly what I needed and wanted to hear. You're awesome.
WandringSoulwandringsoul on May 19th, 2009 09:37 am (UTC)
Re: nod nod nod
Yeah - damnit, I'm always the sensible one!

; p