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05 June 2009 @ 11:40 am
ok just as a forewarning I realize I have plenty of time and that my time will come and there's more I want to do before having a baby but I want to vent about it anyway...

I was that girl in high school that everybody thought would settle down and have babies first. Every time I turn around another friend is having a baby. Not only did I not get married first, hell I might end up being LAST to get married but here I am without even so much as a boyfriend (which I almost kind of like). My first love in high school just put up pictures of his SECOND baby. Another high school friend is married and just put up the sonogram pictures of her baby. Another friend of mine who was even questioning whether she would EVER have children just had a baby. wtf? I know it's not my time and bla bla bla but DAMN! Every time I see babies now I get stupid, I watched Juno the other day and balled my flippin eyes out. It's kind of not fair being a woman and having that feeling inside you that you just want a baby, it's STUPID! Especially since my logical side is saying there is SOOO much I still want to do before having babies (lol like get married). Seriously though I know that it's not a good time, I just got a job (finally), I need to get back on my own again, and I want to travel. It also wouldn't hurt if I could find a boyfriend. I KNOW that I will have a baby someday and I KNOW there's so much I want to do beforehand, I just hate being a girl sometimes. Someday I will find a good guy that treats me right, and then we'll get married and have babies... a LONG time from now. Funny thing is I'm thinking in my head NOOOOO BABIES ANYTIME SOON but my biological clock is saying TIME TO HAVE BABIES. And guys wonder why women are crazy.... small wonder when we have so many raging hormones telling us one thing while our brain is saying something completely different. Ok I guess that's enough of a rant for now. :)
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littered_shorelittered_shore on June 9th, 2009 01:13 am (UTC)
Amen sister. Every time I turn around another friend is having a kid, or having ANOTHER kid, or getting engaged, or married, yada yada, and I have this overwhelming desire to have a baby--even though I know I really don't want one right now because I want to go to grad school, move out of state, and, oh yeah, find a guy and have a relationship and get married before having said child. Girl, I feel ya. Biological clock and logic do not translate well.